Posted April 2021

KU Bradfield Park in West Lindfield has a large outdoor area which is ideal for learning through play.

The children at the service were busy making a boat recently which stemmed from an interest that had been developed over several weeks.

The educators provided loose parts to encourage the play idea including PVC pipes, old tyres, coloured cable reels, a balancing beam and shovels to be used as tools.

The project became even bigger during a morning play session when the children worked together to assemble the boat which involved a lot of planning and problem solving.

The children engaged in discussions and negotiations around the layout and construction of the boat which provided a great opportunity to exchange ideas and exercise social skills. Creating the boat also encouraged the children to use their muscles and motor skills to haul all the important pieces into place.

The group were together for well over an hour and it was an amazing example of how long children can persist at a difficult task when they are busy and engaged.

Outdoor play comprises a large part of the daily program at KU Bradfield Park as it promotes a range of skills including gross motor skills, language development, sharing, cooperating, persistence and coping with challenges. It was also a lot of fun!

KU Bradfield Park is currently enrolling children aged 0-5 years. For more information visit