KU has a long standing and unwavering commitment to the safety and wellbeing of children.

For over 20 years KU has had a dedicated Child Safe and Wellbeing team to guide KU’s child safeguarding practices and support our staff to act if they have any concern about a child’s safety or wellbeing in the child’s home or at a service.

At KU we have a robust child safe culture at all levels of the organisation. Decisions are made in the best interests of children and their protection from harm is paramount. We have a zero tolerance of child abuse. Any concern about a child’s safety raised by a child, parent or staff member is taken seriously and acted on.

We are implementing the child safe standards in everything we do from ensuring we recruit appropriate people to work with children to providing ongoing support and training to staff about child safety matters. At KU we have child safe aware staff.

At KU children learn child safe messages. We teach children about children’s rights and simple age-appropriate personal safety messages. Most importantly at KU staff really listen to children. We value their ideas and opinions and are there to support them if every they feel frightened or sad.

Our short video See Feel Hear the Difference captures KU’s commitment to providing inclusive environments in which all children feel a sense of belonging and at KU every child finds their voice, which is an essential part of keeping children safe.

Committed to being a child safe organisation

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