KU Marcia Burgess Foundation

At the core of KU's story is an unwavering drive to make a positive social impact. In honour of the late Marcia Burgess (see below), the KU Marcia Burgess Foundation was established as KU’s charitable entity to provide an instrument for like-minded people to help us reach more children and families.

Our purpose is to fundraise to support inclusive and diverse programs for children who may miss out on access to early education, or face limitations in reaching their best potential. Your support will help KU Marcia Burgess Foundation achieve this through:

  • early intervention initiatives for neurodiverse children,
  • growing meaningful connections and collaborations with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities to support their voices and participation in early education, and respond to self-determined locally led programs,
  • equitable early education initiatives for culturally and linguistically marginalised families and for families experiencing social or economic disadvantage, and
  • supporting community groups with educational aids or equipment that assist early learning and/or alleviate social isolation for families and children.

KU Marcia Burgess Foundation invites the support and collaboration of individuals, families, philanthropists, corporate Australia, partner organisations and agencies. Donations $2 and over are tax deductible, with 100% going directly to support programs.

In Memory of Marcia Burgess

KU Marcia Burgess Foundation is named to honour one of KU’s trail-blazing luminaries of social inclusion and child wellbeing, the late Marcia Burgess. Marcia’s commitment to children with additional needs and her leadership in this area spanned her 50 years of service with KU.

Whilst Marcia took a quiet approach, it was none-the-less driven by her strong will and determination. The result of her dreams, vision and advocacy for vulnerable children, children with additional needs and families have become some of KU’s greatest achievements.

Marcia retired from KU in October 2006 as the Manager, Special Education and sadly passed away in June 2007. She is recognised for her significant contribution to KU, the early childhood sector and the lives of the thousands of children she touched.

How you can support KU Marcia Burgess Foundation to make the KU Difference even greater

“KU Marcia Burgess Foundation was established to enhance and expand KU’s current social impact programs and initiatives and to provide a way for the wider community to support this work. Together we can make the KU Difference where it matters most.” - Elizabeth Hristoforidis, Chair of KU Marcia Burgess Foundation Committee

Thank you.

All donations $2.00 and over to the KU Marcia Burgess Foundation are tax-deductible.

ABN: 85 383 844 260

Learn more about initiatives that donations and grants are supporting

The initiatives KU Marcia Burgess Foundation fundraises to support are developed from a premise of making the KU difference even greater.

Supporting neurodiverse children

Evidence-based research and KU’s early education experiences show that early intervention before starting school markedly increases children’s ability to achieve their best learning and social outcomes. Financial assistance means that children from families unable to afford early intervention, are able to access to vital assessments and therapy sessions through KU Allied Health and Early Childhood Intervention Programs, or other professional services. Click here for further information.

“Being able to access assessments for Riley* really helped us to understand what areas he needs help with, how we can best support him, and extra supports such as the NDIS pathways program”, says Riley’s mum, Jenna. (*name changed)

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Initiatives

KU Marcia Burgess Foundation supports the National Agreement on Closing the Gap and socio-economic targets across areas that impact life outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

"When KU invest in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander programs and initiatives we listen to the preferences of local Peoples, the Traditional Owners and Elders. We ask them what they want and how they see it working for their children and families.” - Gisella Wilson, Manager, KU Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Programs
  • Fee Relief Assistance for early education and care to support children and their families experiencing financial disadvantage.
  • Community Led Programs working together with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities to form meaningful connections and improve KU’s early learning experiences and environments.
  • Support for Self-Determined Locally Led Initiatives that are shaped and determined by local Aboriginal communities, such as:
    • Arts-Based Project commissioned Wiradjuri artist Terrie O’Brien to work with children and families at KU Ashmont Preschool and Family Centre, Wagga Wagga
    • Aboriginal Early Languages Program, which promotes the revitalisation of ancient Aboriginal languages taught by experienced language educators on their Traditional Lands. The Wiradjuri Language Program is delivered in collaboration with the Wagga Wagga Aboriginal Education Consultative Group. The Dharawal Early Language Program is being delivered in collaboration with the Gujaga Foundation.
  • Career pathways in early education for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples to increase their representation and voices in the early education sector.
“My daughter is really enjoying her Dharawal lessons and shares the words she has learnt. She loves singing ‘heads, shoulders, knees and toes’ in Dharawal at home. She's trying to teach my husband and I but I'm afraid we aren't picking it up as quickly as she has! What a wonderful thing to be learning. She is really enjoying it.”

Reaching more children and communities

  • Little Buddies Toy Library, Manor Lakes, Wyndham Council, Victoria
    Support for equipment set up costs in Melbourne’s western suburbs growth corridor. The Wyndham area has the highest birth rates in Australia.
  • Sound Amplification Systems (SAS)
    40 units distributed to Aboriginal and Torres Strait early childhood services in remote, rural and urban areas across QLD, NSW and VIC to assist children with hearing impairments like otitis media.
  • Food for Life
    A five-part Food for Life video series offers practical, affordable and nutritional advice to KU families and their children.

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Email: foundation@ku.com.au

Call: +61 2 9264 8366

ABN: 85 383 844 260

All donations $2.00 and over to the KU Marcia Burgess Foundation are tax-deductible.