KU Marcia Burgess Foundation

KU has been a leader in quality early childhood education and had a profound impact on the lives of disadvantaged children and families since 1895.

The KU Marcia Burgess Foundation supports this work with a passion and a strong and clear vision.

Every donation to the Foundation assists to:

  • improve access to early education for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children,
  • provide culturally safe and positive learning experiences to strengthen children’s opportunities, and
  • to support the development of career pathways for early educators and increase the voices of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in the early education sector.

Education in the Early Years Matters: Closing the Gap Starts Here

Your donation will help to close the gap and increase opportunities for young children to access and participate in culturally safe, early education and learning environments.

“When KU invest in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander programs and initiatives we listen to the preferences of local Peoples, the Traditional Owners and Elders. We ask them what they want and how they see it working for their children and families.” -Gisella Wilson, Manager, KU Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Programs

KU Marcia Burgess Foundation invites the support, collaboration and commitment of individuals, families, corporate Australia, partner organisations and agencies, and philanthropists.

“KU Marcia Burgess Foundation was established to enhance and expand KU’s current social impact programs and initiatives and to provide a way for the wider community to support this work. Together we can make the KU Difference where it matters most.” -Elizabeth Hristoforidis, Chair of KU Marcia Burgess Foundation Committee

These are some of the social impact initiatives your donation supports.

  • Working together with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities The Foundation is committed to supporting the ongoing employment of a Community Cultural Coordinator at KU Ashmont, in Wagga Wagga. As we build meaningful relationships and trust with local Aboriginal families and communities, we recognise the benefits this long-term role will bring to children’s early education experiences and outcomes. It will also help us understand how we can adapt similar programs in other areas KU operates.
  • Alleviating the costs for health assessments for children’s access to NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) benefits and paediatric allied health services assists children and their families so we can fast-track support and access to early intervention and allied health services.
  • Fee Relief Assistance for Early Education and Care to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and their families who experiencing disadvantage.
  • Career pathways in early education for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples is designed to provide employment opportunities across all levels of the organisation and increase representation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in the early education sector. KUMBF is in the development stage to seek support for this new program that will include Traineeships, Professional and Cultural Mentoring, Peer Support, Practical Support and Resources.

Thank you for your generous support. Together we can make the KU Difference in achieving positive educational outcomes together with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children, young people, and their families.

In Memory of Marcia Burgess

The Foundation is named to honour one of KU’s trail-blazing luminaries of social inclusion and child wellbeing, the late Marcia Burgess.

Marcia’s commitment to children with additional needs and her leadership in this area spanned her 50 years of service with KU.

Whilst Marcia took a quiet approach, it was none-the-less driven by her strong will and determination. The result of her dreams, vision and advocacy for vulnerable children, children with additional needs and families have become some of KU’s greatest achievements.

Marcia retired from KU in October 2006 as the manager, Special Education and sadly passed away in June 2007.

She is recognised for her significant contribution to KU, the early childhood sector and the lives of the thousands of children she touched.

What is the KU Difference

125 years ago, KU was born of a visionary idea to establish the nation’s first free Kindergarten, brought to fruition through the efforts of volunteers and the generosity of donors and philanthropists.

Specifically intended to provide some of Sydney’s poorest children with access to early education, so began KU's longstanding commitment to social justice.

Today, this legacy continues and a gift to the KU Marcia Burgess Foundation can make the KU difference in the following ways:

  • strengthening and creating collaborative partnerships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families and communities,
  • offering additional or new supports and services for the 14 KU centres in disadvantaged areas,
  • improving nutrition and health outcomes through the KU Healthy Start program,
  • increasing engagement and community linkages for children who may otherwise not participate in early childhood education, especially refugee and asylum seeker children and families,
  • peer support and opportunity for school aged siblings of children with disability to meet with other children experiencing a similar family environment, and
  • improving the overall participation rates of children accessing early childhood education in disadvantaged areas

How you can make the KU Difference

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KU staff who wish to support the Foundation can find out more on the staff intranet.

Donations to the KU Marcia Burgess Foundation are tax deductible.

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