Drawing on 125 years of experience, we explore and discuss meaningful topics in early childhood education with some of the sector's most experienced educators and subject matter experts. With each short episode, our aim is to provoke minds and inspire excellence in early childhood education.


Fran Bastion and Laure Hislop share their memories and thoughtful reflections on children’s literature as well as inspirational tips for choosing and sharing books in early childhood programs.

KU Chatswood Community Preschool undertook practitioner research to enhance the orientation process. Director Kathy Hatcher shares with us their highly successful strategy, which is based on gratitude and holds relevance for many, including this culturally and linguistically diverse community.

Dr Robyn Dolby, a psychologist with 40 years’ experience in infant mental health, discusses the importance of attachment to children’s learning and connections and gives some tips for how early childhood educators can apply this theory to practice.

Deb Watson’s childhood experiences in nature sparked a lifelong passion for the environment. She considers why connecting young children to the natural world continues to matter, and offers inspiration on incorporating it sustainably within an early childhood education program.

Why is critical reflection important? Marg McLeish and Jan Faulkner discuss what it means to our practice as early childhood educators, and share some tips to get started.

In our first episode of Provoking Minds - An Early Childhood Podcast, we chat with Lynn Farrell about Infant-Toddler Relationships and Wellbeing, reflecting on her professional growth and learning, research and child rights.