What are KU’s Childcare and Early Learning programs?

KU’s childcare and early learning programs are designed exclusively for children aged 0-5 to help your child discover their sense of self, as well as their sense of security and belonging. Children are cared for in a positive and nurturing environment rich in natural and open-ended resources that includes spaces for discovery, adventure, exploration and relaxation.

In every KU centre, our programs are led by university qualified Early Childhood Teachers. The educational programs take a holistic approach to your child’s development, designed to spark their curiosity and offer greater opportunities to enjoy meaningful experiences which provide the foundation for life-long learning.

As they grow and develop, children naturally expand their capability and capacity through their experiences within our quality learning environment, so their learning goes further.

KU’s childcare and early learning programs are delivered in a range of settings including:

  • Long day care
    KU long day care centres welcome children aged from 6 weeks to 6 years of age. Babies and toddlers will experience the KU Infant and Toddler Approach to care and education, while preschool age children will experience a dedicated preschool program, including KU's proven transition to school program in the year before school. Long day care centres are eligible for the Commonwealth Government's Child Care Subsidy. All meals are generally provided.
  • Work-based
    An employer provides an early childhood education and care service specifically for the children of its employees. It generally operates the same as community based long day care, but this may vary dependent on the particular needs of the sponsor organisation.
  • Traditional preschools
    KU’s traditional preschools are centres that only enrol children of preschool age. Preschool operates four terms with preschool holidays in between, and a slightly shorter day, similar to primary schools. Children typically bring their own lunch. Traditional preschools are not eligible for Child Care Subsidy.
  • Integrated preschool programs
    KU also offers preschool programs within each of our long day care centres. The preschool program is designed specifically and exclusively for preschool age children, however provides families with the convenience of longer hours and meals included. Our integrated preschool programs are eligible for the Child Care Subsidy, and families who meet the criteria may attract a fee subsidy.
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Why are the early years so important?

From their very first moment, children are absorbing information and learning from the world and the people around them. In these early years, children learn important skills such as listening, consideration and reflection.

The skills children develop in a KU program become the foundation for lifelong learning, and in fact, can positively shape the way they approach learning for the rest of their lives.

What can you expect to see in an early learning program?

We encourage children to develop positive relationships and connections so that they begin to trust in their ability to take responsibility and challenge ideas.

For example, positive peer relationships support all children to learn from and learn with others in a safe, secure and engaging learning environment. It is important for all children to develop connections in their social world to support active participation that allows children to be challenged in their learning in a secure way.

Children are provided with the opportunity to engage in a wide variety of learning experiences and activities, including gardening, arts and crafts, music and movement, physical play, block building, sand and water play, science experiments, early numeracy activities such as counting and measurement, and early literacy activities such as reading, drawing and writing.

Other activities your child will experience include group games where children can take ownership and be leaders in their play. Children are also encouraged to engage in small group experiences that build on their capabilities and confidence, as well as with their educators in caring for their learning environment through sustainability practices and caring for each other.

Inclusion in KU services

KU’s Education Support Team supports KU centres with the inclusion of children with additional needs. This may include children with diagnosed disabilities, challenging behaviour or social and emotional difficulties, as well as supporting families and educators when they have concerns about a child’s development.

The team of Education Support Managers have qualifications in Early Childhood Education and Teaching as well as Post Graduate qualifications in Special Education or related fields.

The Education Support Manager may visit the centre your child attends by direct request of the family, the centre, or as a part of general education support and may also liaise with therapists and other allied professionals.

What do families think?

“KU Killara Park is totally responsive to children’s needs. Children are exposed to new experiences and taught so many skills. Children love preschool and are learning so much about social interactions, the world and environment they live in and other cultures. A totally caring and nurturing environment. The kids move onto school and the world so well prepared.” – KU Killara Park Parent
“Carillon Ave has been a big part of our lives for four years. The teachers and educators are warm, friendly and always ready to follow and enrich my child’s interests and learning. Our family beliefs and ethics are valued and considered in planning. We have found support, advice and friendship in good times and bad.” - KU Carillon Avenue Parent
“The staff at KU Wombarra provide a diverse range of stimulating and fun educational experiences, based on the children’s interests. The staff are caring and kind, and establish important bonds with the children and families.” - KU Wombarra Parent