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KU Resources

KU resources have been designed to support high quality practice and provide for individual and team based professional learning. KU resources are a great addition to centre and parent libraries, as the content is very accessible and each resource has been written to support day-to-day practice and pedagogy. Visit the KU Resources and Publications shop here.

KU Professional Learning and Development Calendars

Our Professional Learning and Development Calendars provide an overview of the professional learning opportunities offered by KU Professional Learning across the year. KU boasts a history of offering high quality, robust professional learning days and courses. These events and courses are designed to meet the National Quality Standard.


Download our NSW Professional Learning Calendar or view the calendar online.

KU Professional Learning Calendar VIC 2021

Download our VIC Professional Learning Calendar here or view the calendar online.


The purpose of KU’s research portfolio is to extend knowledge production across the organisation and the wider early childhood education sector, focused in key areas to KU’s organisational goals.

A key focus for KU research projects across 2017-2019 will be

  • Exemplary Practice
  • Social Impact
  • Leadership

KU is committed to engaging families, staff and other stakeholders in undertaking and disseminate high quality, effective research. KU is committed to producing knowledge that progresses the early childhood education sector.

Examples of research

  • What’s best for my child? – looking at parent perceptions of quality in early childhood settings
  • Exemplary early childhood educators at work: a multi-level investigation – a project that will examine the skills, knowledge, disposition, and environmental conditions that support highly skilled early childhood educators
  • Early Start Initiative – a project connecting services and communities using technology

Research with KU

Individuals or organisations wishing to undertaking research in a KU centre or in partnership with KU should contact the KU Early Education Professional Practice team at