KU has a long and valued legacy of research engagement. We lead, commission, partner and support research that progresses the early childhood education sector.

KU is committed to knowledge exchange that advances research-informed practice. We have an extensive research portfolio and support projects that enhance outcomes for children and families.

Our research focus aligns with KU strategic priorities (2023-2025):

KU collaborates on Australian Research Council Linkage Projects to produce knowledge and innovation with higher education researchers. We also support PhD candidates, undergraduate and postgraduate studies and invest in practitioner research in our services.

Recent projects

  • Culturally and Linguistically Responsive Early Childhood Pedagogies – University of South Australia, Western Sydney University
  • Educational and Developmental Gains in Early Childhood (EDGE) – The Front Project, University of Melbourne
  • Engaging Families in Early Education – University of NSW, University of Sydney, Western Sydney University
  • Exemplary Early Childhood Educators at Work: A multi-level investigation – Charles Sturt University, Macquarie University, Manchester Metropolitan University, Rutgers University, Queensland University of Technology
  • Leadership in KUThis KU led project investigated the structure, resources, and relationships that enable effective early childhood leadership and innovation.
  • Observing, Reflecting, Improving Children’s Learning – Charles Sturt University, Macquarie University, McMaster University, Queensland University of Technology
  • Teachers in Early Education – Macquarie University, Sydney University

All research is conducted with integrity and follows responsible and ethical standards.

Individuals or organisations seeking to undertake research with KU can contact research@ku.com.au.