Date: Oct 1, 2021 | Fri - Oct 31, 2021 | Sun, .

Location: 60 Pershing Place Tanilba Bay NSW 2319

The children and educators at KU Peninsula marked the 125th anniversary of KU Children’s Services by revamping the vegetable gardens on site at the preschool and contributing to the local community garden. Recycled materials, natural resources and plastic lunchbox waste was used to create a scarecrow which overlooks the gardens. Children have been experimenting with propagation using seeds from fruits and vegetables to plant. The children aim to plant 125 seeds in the vegetable garden and the preschool backyard. So far, we have harvested sweet potato, carrots, snow peas, mandarins, olives, mulberries and a variety of herbs.

Our interest in gardening has extended to nutrition experiences where children have been enthusiastic to try new foods and discuss properties like taste, texture and colour. Mulberries from our tree have proven to be a favourite amongst children, families and even community members walking by who are able to pick fruit from the adjacent footpath. The children are eagerly awaiting apples and mangos from our trees which are yet to bear fruit.

We are proud that our interests and efforts have extended well beyond the preschool gates to nourish our children, families and the wider community.