KU Bulli and KU Wombarra memories 1985 - 2000

Such wonderful memories of staff and families who attended both Wombarra and Bulli centres. It was a no brainer I wanted my girls to go to a KU centre to experience the same level of care and commitment from staff.
Thanks to social media I’ve recently reconnected with four fellow staff friends from my teaching days. Our lives have all taken twists and turns but it is lovely to rekindle our friendship once more.
- Wendy

Treehouse Child Care Centre memories 2013 - 2015

Seeing our daughter flourish and become prepared for school - Kylie and the team did a phenomenal job in teaching her independence, and she enjoys returning to help other children prepare for school now! I had the joy of going on excursions around the city (e.g. Hyde Park War Memorial; my own office in Centrepoint Tower) with my daughter's class, and sharing special learning experiences like making Greek Easter biscuits and showing then resources for children's financial literacy. We enjoyed Easter hat parades and Christmas celebrations, and our daughter leaned about the Dreamtime and different types of families in an inclusive and diverse environment. It was great to be a part of our daughter's early childhood education experience and ensure that she was in the care of people who shared our core values.
We built friendship over our the years at KU, and still sing its praises!
- Elizabeth

KU Burwood Preschool memories 1970-1971

I remember the old rowboat in the back of the garden. I am pleased to see yet another one there when my daughter started. Water play. The wooden blocks for cars and trains, building roads and towns - still there when my daughter started 35 years later. Doing woodwork & making a plane for my daddy (who was an aircraft maintenance engineer) and a silly boy who wanted my hammer telling me girls didn't do woodwork - couldn't believe anyone could reach the age of 4 and be that ignorant! That was in 1971. The Art Show (after I left but brother still there) and making enamel pendant, lots of pottery for sale (very 70s)
- Kate

KU Corrimal East Preschool memories 1998-1999

Amazing educators who went out of their way for the children - I was keeping my daughter for an extra year in EC (turned 5 in Jan) and she just blossomed in that year with the care that she was given. All of the children were cared for so well. I actually met another mum there - we are still friends now 20 years later. My eldest daughter has grown into a talented EC educator as well - she was fortunate to go back to Corrimal and work there - a great educator as she has been cared for and mentored by the best.
- Marti

KU Karingal Preschool memories 1989-1996

Myself and my brothers attended KU Greenacre (karingal) My eldest son went to KU Burwood in 2018 and my second son currently attends there. My third son has his name down for 2023!
I always remembered the beautiful community spirit and love of learning that my time at KU fostered. I’ve now given that experience to my own children.
I am currently studying a degree in early childhood education.
- Rebecca

KU memories 1960s - 70s

My mother, Wendy Lucas (nee Garrett) was the youngest person employed in KU head office in the late 60's early 70's. She was a very loyal KU employee and worked at many different services including mobile kindy and Cheltenham Memorial.
- Freya

KU memories 2006-2017

Where to start with my favourite memories, I have so many. Probably my fondest would have to be the annual conferences, such great (but long) days but such a great opportunity to meet the wider KU family.
I still have so many friendships from KU and I miss working there dearly. I would not be where I am today without KU. I literally ‘grew up’ at KU as I was there for 11 years. I started my career at KU.
- Ryan

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