Posted September 2018

The children at KU Cobbitty Preschool have taken part in ‘Dress like a Farmer Week’ to help raise funds for farmers affected by the drought.

The preschool held a morning tea with families to help raise funds and over the last week the children have come to preschool dressed as farmers while engaging in a range of farm related conversations and activities, including hosting a Kindi Farm at the preschool.

“We like to explore significant issues that are currently taking place within our community, such as the drought, and then incorporate discussions and experiences around these within our program,” said KU Cobbitty Director, Rebecca Fordham.

“There has been a great sense of community at our preschool as our children, families and educators have come together to support this worthwhile cause.”

The preschool raised $555 which they have donated to the ‘Buy a Bale’ program, with the children deciding which specific items they would like the funds to go towards.

“Engaging children in conversations and activities relating to what our farmers are currently experiencing has allowed them to develop empathy for others within the community,” said Rebecca.

“The entire process, from our initial conversations around the drought to our final donation to the ‘Buy a Bale’ program, has allowed the children to recognise and understand the positive impact their actions can have on others and the wider community.”