Posted February 2018

KU Avalon Preschool has recently developed an area of special interest within their already high quality educational program – outdoor play.

As part of this special interest area, the children and staff at KU Avalon have turned an old boat in their playground into a vegetable garden.

“We prepared the boat by filling it with soil, which the children turned and aerated, making it more suitable for planting seedlings,” said KU Avalon Director, Mariza Economides.

“The children planted the seedlings in egg cartons and cupcake cases, which they observed and nurtured indoors over a couple of weeks, before planting them in the boat.”

“The children now water the plants every day and they are excited to see how quickly they are growing,” said Mariza.

The project is one of many nature-based experiences that the children engage in on a daily basis.

“Engaging in outdoor play has been proven to improve the emotional wellbeing of children. Providing children with the opportunity to spend quality time outdoors allows them to develop an appreciation and a connection with the natural world,” said Mariza.