Posted August 2017

KU Children’s Services has announced that in addition to the high quality well-rounded play-based learning programs and educational experiences they provide, KU will now also deliver an area of interest, focus or specialisation in each of their centres.

Each KU centre will now provide a richer tapestry of educationally interactive experiences for children, exploring an area of specialisation that brings the community together and enhances the space where children are supported to be their own, unique selves, growing and developing a sense of belonging and empowerment. These areas of specialisation are diverse and include everything from visual arts and technology, to music, block building and construction, cultural appreciation and environmental sustainability.

“Children build their skills and knowledge by engaging in experiences based on their interests and needs across all areas of development,” says KU CEO Christine Legg. “Providing an area of interest, focus or specialisation contributes to their development and supports the National Quality Framework, introduced to ensure consistent, high quality early childhood education for all children.”

KU believes that children learn about their world through experiences provided in a nurturing and supportive environment. “It’s the wide range of active and meaningful experiences that KU provide that helps children’s learning go further,” said Ms Legg.