Posted January 2019

The playground at KU Concord Children’s Centre has recently been upgraded and now features a wider variety of natural play spaces for the children including a sandpit, mud kitchen, beams, bridges, stepping stones, and new seating and shaded areas.

The children at the centre have been busy playing, exploring and learning in the new outdoor environment.

“The children have really enjoyed spending time outside in our new playground. It is now a more natural and inspiring space where children can draw on the many natural elements to extend their play and learning. The children have been particularly drawn to incorporating the new landscape into their play as they go on adventures, stop and observe the insects which visit the centre, and engage in sensory experiences within their new environment,” said KU Concord Director, Lucy Tran.

The centre celebrated the launch of their new playground at their 10th anniversary event which was attended by children, families and staff from the centre, and KU Children’s Services CEO, Christine Legg.

“We had a wonderful time celebrating the launch of our new outdoor environment, and our families and children were invited to spend some time exploring and playing in our new space,” said Lucy.

“There were speeches, afternoon tea and experiences for the children. The event also provided us with the opportunity to celebrate the end of the year at KU Concord, as well as our 10th anniversary of providing quality early education and care to the local community.”