Posted August 2019

The children at KU Petersham Preschool have been busy creating a 3D model of their local area.

The model contains the children’s representations of their neighbourhood including their local park, trees, swimming pool, buildings, houses and preschool.

“The project was inspired by the children’s interest in maps, whether to find treasure or to reach a particular destination,” said KU Petersham Director, Kathy Lawton.

“We built on this interest by encouraging the children to think about what a map of our local park would look like. The children made note of all the interesting places and elements they were familiar with which then led to the creation of a 3D model of our neighbourhood.”

The model was created using a variety of recycled materials from the preschool’s collection, as well as materials provided by a visit from Reverse Garbage.

“The children really enjoyed each stage of the project which provided them with a great opportunity to be creative and collaborative with one another,” said Kathy.

“Working on projects based on the children’s interests helps them to develop a sense of agency, while reading maps and representing ideas through collage and models involves a high level of cognitive processing.”

KU Petersham provides quality early childhood education for children aged 3 - 5 years and is currently taking enrolments. For more information, contact the Director, Kathy Lawton on 02 9569 4973.