Posted September 2018

The children at KU James Cahill Preschool in Waterloo have been visited by Aboriginal performer Matthew Doyle, who provided an interactive educational experience for the preschoolers, exploring many aspects of Aboriginal culture including music, dance, art and tools.

“The children enjoyed listening to Matthew as he played the didgeridoo and they were excited to dance to the clapsticks. They were also interested in learning more about different types of Aboriginal tools including the boomerang and how it is used,” said KU James Cahill Director, Amanda Ronayne.

The preschool has an interest in exploring Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures as part of their program and the centre is in the process of developing their Reconciliation Action Plan, a document outlining their vision and commitment towards reconciliation.

“At KU James Cahill, we believe it is important for children to learn about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures as it allows them to develop a deeper respect, understanding and connection with Australia’s first peoples,” said Amanda.

“We are committed to promoting reconciliation within our service and educating our children through authentic, relevant and meaningful learning experiences that will provide them with a greater understanding of our history and a greater respect for other cultures.”