Posted November 2017

The children at KU Grevillea Preschool have started learning how to code.

Learning how to code is not only fun for the children – it also allows them to learn and develop essential skills that they will use throughout the rest of their lives.

The preschool recently gained two robots to add to their collection of educational resources, which have proven to be very popular with the children as they play and learn about coding.

“We have started using simple code with Cubetto, a small wooden robot. The children move Cubetto around his mat by programming the robot with commands such as forward, left and right,” said KU Grevillea Director, Jane Moran.

“Technology has a language and that language is code. By learning how to program and move the robots, the children develop essential computer literacy and problem-solving skills through hands on play in an engaging and collaborative environment,” said Jane.

The robots were donated to the preschool by a family who participated in the Woolworths ‘Earn and Learn’ program by collecting stickers to earn educational tools and resources.