Posted September 2017

The children at KU Grevillea Preschool in Hornsby Heights have been visiting their local bushland areas to spend more time learning in nature.

The preschool specialises in nature based learning experiences, which are incorporated into their program through regular ‘bush learning journeys’.

“There is a growing body of research that supports the value of nature based learning, which is becoming even more important in our technologically rich world. Spending time in nature allows children to relax, imagine, create, explore and discover,” said KU Grevillea Director, Jane Moran.

On their most recent excursion, the children were accompanied by Leanne Johnston, an Environmental Scientist at Hornsby Shire Council. Leanne manages the local Bushcare program, which helps to restore bushland throughout the Hornsby Shire.

“Leanne shared her valuable knowledge about flora and fauna with the children, educators, parents and grandparents who accompanied us on our excursion,” said Jane.

“She supported the children to identify trees, plants, seed pods and shedding bark, and taught the children the scientific names for plants. This helped the children to develop their observational skills and allowed them to build on their current knowledge of the natural environment,” said Jane.

KU Grevillea’s nature based learning experiences encourage children to connect with and appreciate the natural world, which is something they can take with them long after they finish preschool.

“For our children to become the future caretakers of this land, they need to understand the importance of nature, gain more scientific and environmental knowledge about how the world works and develop a greater respect for the natural world by taking the time to stop, look, listen, smell and touch in nature,” said Jane.