Posted February 2018

KU Killarney Heights Preschool has recently developed an area of focus within their already high quality educational program – children developing a connection with nature.

As part of this new focus area, the children at KU Killarney Heights have been taking part in ‘beach kinder’ experiences at their local beach.

“The children have fun building tunnels and volcanoes in the sand, climbing on rocks, exploring rock pools, observing the tide and listening to the sounds of the water and bush surrounding them,” said KU Killarney Heights Director, Lisa Hicks.

The preschool already has a successful ‘bush kinder’ program, and with the development of their new ‘beach kinder’ program, the children now have the opportunity to connect with nature in a different environment.

“Providing children with the opportunity to spend extended periods of time playing in nature allows them to explore, imagine, create and connect with the natural environment, each other and the local community,” said Ms Hicks.