Posted May 2019

KU Merewether Preschool has celebrated their 60th anniversary of providing quality early childhood education and care to local families by holding a community event on the weekend.

“We had an enjoyable morning as we celebrated our 60th anniversary and it was lovely to recognise the special occasion with our children, families, staff and wider preschool community,” said KU Merewether Director, Nicole Vesperman.

“We had an official welcome, speeches recognising the history and contribution of the preschool to the local community, and there was plenty of food and activities for the children and families including a BBQ, cake stall and face painting.”

The preschool first opened in 1959 after a group of dedicated parents decided they wanted quality care and education for their children. Six decades on, and the preschool is still going strong.

“Since the preschool first opened, it has become a tradition for families to attend KU Merewether across the generations. Some of our current parents and educators attended the preschool themselves,” said Nicole.

“We are very proud to be part of this longstanding community preschool.”