Posted September 2019

KU Bel Air Preschool in Adamstown Heights has recently held a ‘Grandparents and Friends Week’, inviting grandparents and families to visit the preschool to spend quality time with their grandchildren.

The grandparents joined in a range of fun activities throughout the week including kneading playdough to make cupcakes and cookies and playing matching and counting games with their grandchildren.

“The children were very excited to show their grandparents around the preschool and enjoyed spending time playing and taking part in different learning experiences together. It was a fun and rewarding week for everyone,” said KU Bel Air Director, Rashifah Kamsan.

The week provided a great opportunity for the preschool to recognise and celebrate the important role that grandparents and families play in the lives of children.

“Families are the first and most important teachers in a child’s life. Research suggests that when families are actively involved in their child’s education, children are more likely to reach their full potential,” said Rashifah.

“By inviting grandparents and families into our preschool and allowing them to spend quality time playing and learning with their grandchildren, it extends the children’s sense of belonging and helps build a greater sense of community.”

KU Bel Air provides quality early childhood education for children aged 3 - 5 years and is currently taking enrolments. For more information, contact the Director, Rashifah Kamsan on 4943 1616.