KU Children's Services have launched a series of 'Parent Workshops' covering a range of topics relevant to  families with young children. 

Our Parent Workshops provide parents with relevant information about a range of parenting topics, including health and nutrition, play-based learning, child safety, transition to school and much more.

Find out more about the workshops and sessions currently on offer:

Nature Play

In this session we will provide practical tips on how to incorporate nature into your child’s play and everyday life.

6 June 2018
KU Rushcutters Bay Preschool, 
Rushcutters Bay, NSW

5 July 2018
KU Maybanke Preschool,  
Pyrmont, NSW

Child's Play

This session will provide parents and carers with activity ideas to enrich their child’s early learning at home during the school holidays.

23 May 2018
KU Cheltenham Memorial Preschool, 
Cheltenham, NSW

26 June 2018
KU Craigieburn Children's Centre,
Craigieburn, VIC

1 August 2018
KU Padstow Preschool,                   
Padstow, NSW                                          

15 August 2018
KU Greenwood Children's Centre,
North Sydney, NSW                                  

Simple Conversations That Help Keep Children Safe

Supporting parents to feel more confident about talking to their preschool aged child about protective behaviors and teaching their child simple personal safety skills.

14 June 2018
KU Crusader Preschool,  
Marrickville, NSW

21 June 2018
KU Randwick Coogee Preschool,   
Randwick, NSW