As a Repairs and Maintenance Coordinator, Jason Holley contributes to maintaining the physical environment and equipment of more than 130 KU managed properties and facilities.

Jason joined KU’s Repairs and Maintenance team in March 2021, and we spoke to him to find out what it was like joining KU during those uncertain times of evolving Public Health Orders.

Was being interviewed and hired without meeting face-to-face strange?

Not meeting in person for interviews was a very different and completely new experience for me but it was well coordinated over Zoom.

In my first interview, one of the people interviewing me was Nicholas Blackwell, Manager Employee Wellness and Safety. Ten minutes into the call, he had to leave to address an emergency. It’s left a lasting impression on me just how seriously KU take the safety and wellbeing of all staff. People really are the heart of KU.

How was the on-boarding process?

The on-boarding process was excellent. My contact in the People Services team was Sarah Davies and she was a great help showing me how to access the me@KU portal to upload all the required documentation.

A welcome pack was delivered to my home before I started including information about KU, a water bottle, USB, pen and note pad. It was a really nice touch.

I worked from Central Office for a short time before Greater Sydney went into lockdown. When that happened, KU provided the IT equipment I needed to create a workspace at home. I felt like I was set up for success.

What’s been the most surprising thing about working at KU?

Because of the excellent reputation of KU, I can’t say this is particularly surprising, but given the complexities that COVID-19 has thrown up, the seamless way all the different teams at KU have collaborated to work and assist each other has been fantastic. It’s great to be part of this high-performing team.