The KU Employee Engagement survey is a very important part of ensuring that KU remains an Employer of Choice, living its values and continuously innovating and improving to ensure that KU staff remain at the heart of KU and we achieve our strategic objectives.

It is a confidential survey that provides all permanent and contract KU staff with the opportunity to provide feedback on how they think KU is performing as an employer, a service provider and also as a sector advocate.

At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic the KU Board, CEO and Executive made a conscious decision to clearly demonstrate KU’s appreciation and commitment to staff and families through an unprecedented point in history. Our goal was to come through the pandemic not only with KU’s Employer of Choice position intact, but enhanced. A key measure of achieving this commitment were the results of the 2020 KU Employee Engagement Survey. The 2020 results indicated that KU achieved significant progress on the excellent 2019 results.

As part of this survey, KU staff were asked how much they believe KU lives its values, and 96% of staff told us that we do. In addition, the +45 Employer NPS (eNPS) was the highest score since it was introduced at KU, and an exceptional result compared with the +9 sector benchmark. The staff engagement rate was also the highest it’s ever been at 91.4%.

These results show that despite an extraordinary year of living through COVID-19, KU staff still felt very connected to KU, and valued KU’s commitment to protecting staff’s job security, continuing to focus on quality and listening to the voices of staff as we journey through COVID-19 together. The results also show that all KU staff continued to engage with and live the KU values.