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The KU Difference

Our vision: Every child has a right to feel safe, nurtured, valued and heard.
Our purpose: At KU we contribute to this by delivering, supporting and leading
high quality inclusive play-based learning programs.
We provide opportunities for children to become the creators, thinkers and doers
of today and tomorrow.

What makes the KU difference?
At KU, we create all our educational programs with the child as the central focus.
From your child’s very first visit, until they transition to school, with KU’s play-based
approach and our team of qualified and experienced teachers and educators, we are
working together to bring out their best. We draw on more than 120 years of experience,
and create opportunities that encourage children to connect, wonder, explore and discover.
At KU, we create experiences, so they go further.
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KU children enjoy the lifelong legacy – they develop skills, curiosity and confidence that fuel continued learning for life. Even though KU centres are part of one of the largest and most trusted early education organisations, you will notice right away that no two centres are the same. Each centre is unique, and offers its own opportunities unique to the local community.

Choose quality, experience KU.

Quality Heritage Experience

Since 1895 KU has been delivering early childhood education and care and currently operates around 140 children’s services. We enrich the lives of more than 15,000 children each year. In addition to being Australia’s most experienced community-based provider, we are highly respected for our proven high quality programs. KU’s comprehensive professional development program and dedicated team of experienced early childhood educators is invaluable in maintaining our high standards.

Children Families Communities

Each KU service is unique and is a reflection of the children and the families who attend the centre, and their communities. We foster strong relationships with KU families and open communication is a vital part of that relationship. We also encourage the involvement of parents and families within our services and provide many opportunities to offer feedback, assistance and practical hands-on support.

Play Discover Learn

The early years are a special time in a child’s life; an exciting period of discovery
and learning. KU has a strong play-based learning philosophy and our qualified early childhood staff create programs based on current research, practice and decades of experience. Play-based programs provide a range of active and meaningful experiences that incorporate choice, while enabling children to experience many organisational elements that are important at school, helping children prepare for their transition to school and beyond.