Posted October 2018

Every fortnight, residents from Carrington Aged Care take part in excursions to visit the children at KU Cobbitty Preschool.

During the visits, the residents engage with the children in a range of activities including group time, listening to stories, singing, dancing, participating in bingo, playing outside and sharing morning tea.

“There is such anticipation and excitement among the children as they see the Carrington bus reverse down our driveway,” said KU Cobbitty Director, Rebecca Fordham.

“The children and residents have created a mutually beneficial relationship over the years, with the children developing their awareness of diversity and difference, extending their care and respect for others and developing a sense of belonging to the wider community.”

“Likewise, the Carrington residents have been able to spend quality time with the children and participate in a regular routine outside of their home.”

The relationship between KU Cobbitty and Carrington started over two years ago after the preschool ran their annual ‘Grandparents Week’ celebration.

Based on the success of the event, the preschool decided to extend upon the children’s enjoyment and further support their active participation in the community by inviting the residents to visit the centre.

“The fortnightly visits have provided a really positive and valuable experience for all the children and we would definitely like to visit the residents in their facility in the near future to continue building our relationship,” said Rebecca.