Posted July 2021

By KU Braddon Children's Centre

Following on from International World Day on 5 June, the preschool children at KU Braddon have been having many discussions about what sustainability is and how we can look after our planet.

We have looked at how we can help, protect and look after our different environments, the plants and animals that live in them, and how we can continue to keep the world healthy and a great place to live.

The preschool children focused on the book ‘Saving our planet’ written by Mandy Archer which speaks about problems that the world is facing and ways to reduce these problems. Some ideas that the preschool children came up with based around the story are:

  • Riding your bike instead of driving in a car to stop polluting the air
  • Turning lights off when we are not using them to save electricity
  • Having short showers to save water
  • Using one piece of paper so less trees need to be cut down and save forests

From here, the preschool children then explored how long it takes for certain items/resources to decompose. One of the preschool educators created a visual which shows how long it takes for nappies, paper, plastic bottles and wet wipes to decompose, and we were all a bit shocked by the results. We spoke about what bins we need to put each item into as lots of resources can be recycles and re-used.

Lastly, we worked out some strategies that we can do as a preschool room at KU Braddon to be sustainable and look after our planet including:

  • Use our outdoor tank to water the gardens
  • Give our food scraps to our bunny rabbit
  • Have four different bins for plastic, glass, carboard/paper and general waste
  • Collect old texter lids to use in our play
  • Use our art journals and scrap paper
  • Implement a compost bin for general food scraps and turn it into soil

The educators at KU Braddon thoroughly enjoy this engagement with the children and are making the KU Difference every day.

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