Posted August 2021

Over the past few months, the preschool children at KU Phillip Park have demonstrated a deep interest in social justice and in advocating for equality, kindness and protecting vulnerable members of their community. Their desire and commitment to assist those less fortunate within their local community was validated week after week as they explored, alongside their educators, complex topics including money, homelessness, and the government's roles and responsibilities around these socio-cultural issues.

Initially, the children wanted to purchase an additional speaker (by selling preloved resources they no longer used) for their room, to enhance their daily yoga practice. However, through shared discussions between peers and educators, the children quickly realised there were members of their local community who were disenfranchised – and they wanted to help.

Through critical reflection, critical thinking, and problem solving, the children raised enough money to buy their speaker and, thanks to the generosity of the KU Phillip Park community, they raised an additional two hundred dollars from their bake sale to donate to a local community organisation.

In consultation with their Teacher, Cassandra, and Centre Director, Naomi, the preschoolers decided to donate to two not-for-profit groups: ‘Weave Youth and Community Services’ – who provide services, including programs that support children’s social and emotional resilience, and to ‘End Street Sleeping Collaboration’ – part of a global initiative to end street sleeping by looking at systems changes and a housing-first approach.

In addition to the children’s recent interest in social justice, KU Phillip Park was proud to have recently been rated as ‘Exceeding’ in all seven Quality Areas under the early childhood National Quality Standard (NQS).

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