Posted October 2017

Congratulations to the winners of the 2017 ‘Making the KU Difference’ Awards, which were presented at the KU Annual Conference last weekend.

Each award recipient has been recognised for their outstanding contributions to KU, children, families and communities over the past year.

The winners of the ‘Making the KU Difference’ Awards for 2017 are:

For Children – Sonia Geha, KU Crusader Preschool

For Families – Stacey Gabrych, KU Milperra Preschool

For Communities – The KU Macquarie Fields Preschool Team

For Staff – Mary Mirhaghani, KU Cheltenham Memorial Preschool

To Quality – Ratna Jie, KU Craigieburn Children’s Centre

Through Sustainability – The KU Grevillea Preschool Team

Through Innovation – Jane Weir and Deb Watson, North Sydney Vacation Care

By Representing KU – Simone Delagarde, Honeybee Child Care Centre

Through Reconciliation – Kate O’Brien, KU Chatswood Community Preschool and KU Grevillea Preschool

KU Marcia Burgess Award – Glen Newman and Cathy Bradley, Inclusion Support Programme