Posted August 2018

The children at KU Maybanke Preschool have been busy playing and exploring in nature in their outdoor learning environment.

The preschool is located in Pyrmont, one of the most densely populated suburbs in Sydney. As many of the children do not have access to outdoor environments at home, the preschool provides a valuable opportunity for children to spend long periods of time outdoors engaging with nature.

“Allowing children to spend quality time connecting with the natural world has been shown to have a positive impact on their physical, social and emotional wellbeing,” said KU Maybanke Director, Viji Vasista.

The preschoolers have been connecting with nature by engaging in a range of activities such as gardening, maintaining their worm farm and growing a range of fruits and vegetables, which they harvest and use in cooking experiences.

“Not only does playing in nature improve the wellbeing of children, it also allows them to develop a deeper understanding of the importance of the natural world and allows them to learn and develop skills around conservation, sustainability and taking care of and respecting the environment,” said Viji.