Date: Nov 1, 2021 | Mon - Nov 5, 2021 | Fri, November

Location: 14a George Street Highfields NSW 2289

KU Kahibah Road Children’s Centre has celebrated the 125th anniversary of KU Children’s Services (KU). The centre recognised this special milestone by painting 125 rocks.

“The children have placed the rocks around the community and hope locals and visitors will find them. The rocks have been painted in bright colours and ‘KU Kahibah’ has been written on every rock, so they can be easily identified.”

“We have a close-knit community and we wanted to connect the centre with places that our families visit, as well as form connections with anyone who finds one of our hidden rocks,” said KU Kahibah Road Children’s Centre Director, Charlotte Ashton.

The theme of the 125 years celebration was ‘making a difference through 125 years of social impact and early education’.

“The children gained ownership by bringing their own rock in to paint, and also developed a partnership with the world around them, by choosing places they frequent to place their rock,” said Charlotte.

“Celebrating 125 years means that KU Kahibah Road is part of a larger community and network, and we look forward to continuing our support of children and their families with high-quality education and care for many more years.”