Date: Nov 15, 2021 | Mon - Nov 19, 2021 | Fri, .

Location: 6-8 Alan Street Fairfield NSW 2165

KU Fairfield AMEP Child Care Centre has celebrated the 125th anniversary of KU Children’s Services (KU). The centre recognised this special milestone by creating a ‘125’ years artwork made out of shells.

“Our families enjoy visiting the beach, so we asked staff, the children and their families to collect some seashells for our artwork. We also decided to align this seashell/beach project with a discussion about the sun and reinforced the sun safety message, with the children learning about the five principles of sun safety (Slip, Slop, Slap, Slide and Shade),” said KU Fairfield AMEP Coordinator, Mervat Nashid.

The theme of the 125 years celebration was ‘making a difference through 125 years of social impact and early education’.

“We always encourage the children to practice applying sunscreen on their own skin and to wear a hat and protective clothing. This project has allowed us to strengthen the children’s understanding of sun safety and the importance of protecting their skin, which is very important in Australia,” said Mervat.

“Celebrating KU’s 125th year means so much to us. KU Fairfield AMEP is proud to celebrate this significant achievement.”