Date: Jun 7, 2021 | Mon - Jun 21, 2021 | Mon, All Week

Location: 14 Waterhouse Place Airds NSW 2560

KU Briar Cottage has donated 125 cans of food to a local food bank to recognise KU’s 125 years of commitment to social impact.

“We wanted to make sure our chosen activity actively supports households in our local community who are experiencing hardship,” said KU Briar Cottage Director, Jenelle Williams.

The children keenly watched the number of cans grow as they were donated, and actively participated in tracking the progress. “Educators created a bar graph and each day we coloured in an additional section after we had counted the donations. Some children were very invested in watching the graph climb towards our target, and there was so much rich mathematical language used for comparison,” said Jenelle.

Once they reached their goal of 125 cans, the children had a lot of fun arranging the cans into the shape of the number 125. They also sorted the cans into different colours and made the KU logo with the colours green, red, yellow and blue.

“We recognise KU’s strong history of social impact, and we feel everyone has benefitted from the opportunity to continue this. It also provided an opportunity to reinforce our links with the local community,” said Jenelle.