We recognise childhood as a special time in itself; a time for all children to be immersed in secure and trusting environments that allow them to explore, play, discover and learn. We nurture the development of identity, confidence and capability which form the foundations of a lifelong love of learning. We ensure the voices of children contribute to the work that we do and the decisions we make.

Integrity & Relationships

We act with honesty, openness and consistency. Our relationships are respectful, mutual and reciprocal and are built on trust, authenticity and ethical behaviour. We welcome feedback and make decisions that are responsible and fair.


We are driven by the passionate pursuit of quality early childhood education and encourage others to share that journey. We lead by example, drawing on our experience and knowledge to shape early childhood education thinking, policy and practice.


We have the courage to pursue bold visions of the future. We are committed to continual professional learning and organisational development. We collaborate and explore new ideas and different ways of thinking.


We acknowledge and consider both our heritage and our future. We embrace our responsibilities within the world around us – to our children and communities, our people, our environments and the long term sustainability of our organisation.

Diversity & Inclusion

We recognise that everyone has their own culture, beliefs, values and strengths contributing to our rich and diverse community. We embrace, advocate for, and invest in the rights of all children to access and actively participate in our programs and have a sense of truly belonging.