KU’s People Services team is using technological advancement to provide staff with evermore empowered career experiences in the workplace.

In many respects, 2021 proved to be more challenging than the previous year as KU’s staff experienced longer lockdowns, limited face to face connections and increased anxiety.

KU’s People Services team was a caring and driving force supporting teams’ mental and physical health and wellbeing, while at the same time supporting their career aspirations and journeys using technology advancements.

Launched in 2020 with a focus on engaging and empowering staff, me@KU is a bespoke human resource information system using Oracle cloud software. A second phase of the launch rolled out in 2021 as part of planned ongoing implementation of new functionalities.

By eliminating paper-based and manual processes, the newly introduced system enhancements have streamlined employee-to-enterprise interactions, resulting in improved data consistency and the opportunity for People Services and operational managers alike to have more meaningful, less transactional interactions with staff.

Day-to-day, staff are empowered to manage and view their own data and pursue individual professional development interests. Managers can provide regular performance feedback and undertake succession planning. Clear career pathways are a direct result from this strong collaboration between employees and their direct manager. An added bonus is that the technologies are mobile device enabled and offer real-time information that is accessible 24/7.

Jane Robinson, General Manager of People Services and IT at KU is thrilled that me@KU is now the single source of truth for people data. She is seeing the analytics available as key to empowering strong business decisions.

“Every stage of a KU employee’s journey is supported and integrated by me@KU,” says Jane.