Michelle’s son Evan attended KU Briar Cottage Preschool in the south-western Sydney suburb of Airds in 2020-2021.

Michelle joined the KU Alumni program in October 2021 and we spoke to her about her experience as a KU Alumni member, a KU parent and the positive social impact at KU.

Why did you decide to join KU’s Alumni program?

I joined to keep in touch with what KU was doing and to remain part of the KU community. Receiving the KU Alumni Connect newsletter twice a year is a great way to keep up to date with what’s happening at KU and it’s interesting to read the stories of others. The links to resources such as KU’s podcast are also very interesting to me.

What are some of the highlights and memories from your KU experience as a parent?

There were a few months during Evan’s time at KU when we were locked down and not attending preschool. The staff made sure the children still felt part of the preschool community by organising learning packs for home and online story time. The feeling of community and inclusion is what makes the preschool so special. Thankfully, we have all our Storypark memories to look back on as well!

How did you see KU as having a positive impact on Evan and the children at preschool?

KU Briar Cottage was a great introduction to education and care outside of the family. Attending a KU preschool gave Evan a positive experience of learning outside of home and the opportunity to develop the skills needed for a successful transition to school.

The staff at KU Briar Cottage are second to none. They care deeply for the children in their care and provide a quality learning environment. I strongly believe that Evan’s positive attitudes towards primary school are a result of the wonderful time he had at KU Briar Cottage.

Why did you decide to donate to the KU Marcia Burgess Foundation?

We were very fortunate and thankful to have the NSW Government fund preschool places for part of 2020 and all of 2021. Our donations to the KU Marcia Burgess Foundation were our way of saying thank you to KU and to ensure that children attending KU in future years have the opportunity of the best early childhood education experience possible.