KU’s IT road map has been running alongside strategic plans for the past six years. Over this time KU has invested in leading infrastructure, technologies and hardware.

As COVID-19 continued to impact the community throughout 2021, KU’s IT investment ensured we were able to maintain appropriate support of frontline essential service staff regardless of their location.

The rapid deployment of enhanced remote working capabilities meant KU didn’t miss a beat, particularly when it came to timely distribution of the vital evolving information from Government at Commonwealth and State levels.

Face-to-face meeting technology was made accessible to all staff in 2021 through the introduction of Microsoft Teams. The platform also provided greater connectivity through its messaging, group chat, file sharing and audio-conferencing capabilities.

Also in 2021, KU made the complete transition to cloud services, making possible the deployment of business solutions such as Storypark Manage and Ticked Off.

Storypark Manage

After in-depth review and rigorous due diligence of Child Care Management Software (CCMS), KU made the decision in 2021 to migrate from QikKids to Storypark Manage.

Storypark is a leading family engagement tool and is already in use by KU. Storypark Manage “powered by Xap”, is considered by many to be this country’s most advanced CCMS. The integration of the systems gives KU’s families a smoother online experience while streamlining administrative tasks for KU such as waitlist management. Migration of the new CCMS will roll out across all KU long day care and preschool services in 2022.

Ticked Off

KU introduced Ticked Off, a repairs and maintenance (R&M) management system that empowers KU service Directors to identify and log their R&M jobs for automatic allocation to qualified and assessed tradespeople ensuring the quality of KU environments is sustained.