We spoke with Bhav Kapoor whose daughter, Aria, attends KU The Chase Preschool in Roseville, Sydney.

Why did you decide to enrol your daughter at KU The Chase?

Aria used to be enrolled at a long day care centre four days a week. As a result of having more flexible working arrangements due to COVID-19 and with KU The Chase being highly recommended by other local parents, we decided to enrol Aria in a preschool program two days a week. We were keen for her to experience a program that was similar to a school environment to assist in the transition to school. She remains enrolled at a long day care centre the other three days per week.

Tell us about Aria’s preschool experience?

She loves it and wants to go all the time. At first, she struggled with the transition between long day care and preschool, however the educators at KU were absolutely amazing. They were very good at engaging with her and making her feel comfortable by asking what she was interested in and supporting her play in these areas. After her initial transition, she settled in really quickly, made friends and is now a social butterfly.

What were your fees like prior to the NSW Government’s COVID-19 free preschool funding program?

Similar to most families in long day care, we are paying a lot. When we enrolled Aria into preschool, we were not aware that the Government was providing a free preschool program. This was an unexpected and much welcomed benefit for us.

How has the NSW Government’s COVID-19 free preschool funding changed that?

With Aria attending preschool two days per week, our preschool fees have been free for the two days she is enrolled at KU. As previously mentioned, this was an unexpected benefit for us.

Do you think more should be done to keep fees affordable for families?

Absolutely. I understand and acknowledge the need to pay for good quality education however if the government can afford to keep fees lower or have some form of relief for families that would be very helpful. Having this subsidy enables me to work more hours without the stress that incremental income is swallowed up by day care/education fees.

Why is quality early childhood education important?

It’s important because it sets the foundation for the love of learning. The social interaction with other children, quality, engaging and nurturing environment can help children prepare for the next phase in their education journey.