Posted June 2019

In the lead up to World Environment Day on Wednesday 5 June, the children at KU West Pymble Preschool have been visiting their local nature reserve to spend time learning in nature.

The preschool has a special interest in nature-based learning experiences, which are incorporated into their program through their ‘nature walk program’.

“The aim of our nature walk program is to offer children the opportunity to make connections to nature, ‘place’ and the local community,” said KU West Pymble Director, Katrina Hendry.

“The children have the opportunity to climb trees, navigate uneven ground, play in nature, respect and care for the bush and enjoy being part of the natural environment.”

There is a growing body of research that suggests nature-based play and learning is a powerful environment that complements traditional classroom-based play and learning.

“Play in natural environments, such as our bush setting, encourages children to play on varied surfaces including rocks, dirt, sand and grass, and when children are faced with varying situations, environments and conditions, they adapt,” said Katrina.

“The children learn more about problem solving, communication, social skills, their community and the local area, and also gain a more meaningful awareness and appreciation of the impact of human activity on the environment and the interdependence of living things.”

World Environment Day is recognised on 5 June each year. It is run by the United Nations with the aim of encouraging awareness and action for the protection of the environment. For more information visit