Posted August 2018

The children at KU Leichhardt Preschool are well on their way to becoming future environmentalists as they have been exploring ideas around environmental sustainability in recent months.

The preschoolers have been learning about the topic by engaging in a range of activities such as collecting food scraps, composting and maintaining their worm farm.

“Environmental sustainability is incorporated into our program on a daily basis. Through these activities, the children develop a greater understanding of what waste is, how we can reduce waste and how we can dispose of waste in a way that does not have a significant impact on our environment,” said KU Leichhardt Director, Minnie Chin.

The preschool provides a well-rounded play-based learning program, however through the development of this area of interest, the children are able to explore issues concerning sustainability in greater depth through immersive educational experiences.

“The children benefit from this area of interest as it teaches them about sustainable behaviours and practices, gives them a sense of responsibility and encourages a passion for the outdoors and a love of nature,” said Minnie.