Posted October 2021

Over the past few months, the children at KU Bradfield Park have been working on creating “Spoonfield Park”. The idea started as a community project involving children who are currently self-isolating at home with their families.

Materials were sent out to the children at home in the hope that they would stay connected with their friends and educators by decorating the spoons and bringing them to plant in “Spoonfield Park”.

The children were very happy to see familiar faces that they had not seen in weeks due to lockdown and there was a lot of waving and cheering at friends as they planted their spoons.

One day a child pondered out loud “These spoons are very quiet. Do they ever talk?” This question provoked discussions amongst the children and educators: Do they have magical powers? Maybe they’re shy? Maybe they need a battery to come alive?

Using digital technology, the educators recorded the children’s voices representing the spoons’ thoughts. KU Bradfield Park believes in using the right technology at the right time to support children’s ideas and thoughts and to make children’s learning insightful, visible and valuable.

Families also had very positive feedback about the project:

“That was so beautiful. How clever is everyone at KU. The children spoke extremely well and should be proud of themselves.”

“Very impressive use of technology and a lovely collaborative effort. Also a wonderful learning experience and great fun for them.”