Posted June 2019

The children at KU Penrith Preschool have celebrated National Reconciliation Week by engaging in a range of activities last week, including creating handprints for their front garden.

“We decided to create and plant our handprints in our front garden as we thought it was a nice way to represent ‘grounded in truth’, the theme for National Reconciliation Week this year,” said KU Penrith Director, Marta Coelho.

“We spent time cleaning the front garden before planting the handprints, which is a simple way for the children to learn more about looking after the land, which is an important part of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures.”

“Throughout the week we also explored the theme of ‘grounded in truth’ and had conversations with the children about friendship, including what it means to be a good friend and standing together with our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community.”

Learning experiences such as these do not only take place during special occasions, such as during National Reconciliation Week, but are embedded within the preschool’s daily program.

“At KU Penrith, we are passionate and committed towards providing authentic learning experiences for children around Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures,” said Marta.

“These educational opportunities allow children to develop a greater respect, understanding and connection with Australia’s first peoples and allows them to build a more positive attitude and relationship with others and the world around them.”

National Reconciliation Week is held between 27 May and 3 June each year and recognises Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures and fosters reconciliation discussion and activities.