Posted August 2018

The children at KU Kintaiba Children's Centre in Callaghan have been busy playing, exploring and learning in their recently upgraded playground.

The outdoor environment at the centre now has new soft fall areas, a new swing set area, a loose parts play space and a sandstone dry creek bed with rocks and a bridge.

“Our intention was to create beautiful play spaces with open ended resources and natural materials that extend the children's thinking and creativity,” said KU Kintaiba Director, Megan Parkes.

“The children have enjoyed spending time in the new play spaces which have allowed them to follow their own thinking, ideas and interests. The children are in control of their own learning – they are designers in their own play.”

This is particularly true in the loose parts play space of the new playground. The children have access to materials such as planks of wood, milk crates, plastic tubes and blocks which can be moved, carried, put together and taken apart in multiple ways.

“The loose parts space has enabled the children to be highly inventive and creative in their play. They have used their imagination to create unique objects and structures in the area, including a home with a bedroom and shower,” said Megan.

“We are very proud of our new outdoor environment which provides many opportunities for active learning. It has become a space that inspires and extends the children’s learning, where they are able to think, imagine, construct, communicate and build relationships.”