Posted May 2019

KU Crusader Preschool in Marrickville has held a number of activities and events at their centre this week to celebrate National Families Week.

The preschool held a ‘family and friends’ afternoon tea, with children, families and staff from the preschool coming together to spend quality time with each other, share food, and celebrate families.

“During the week we created a KU Crusader ‘family tree’ with photos of the children’s families, and the children created family portraits which were then taken home after the event,” said KU Crusader Director, Megan Montgomery.

“We also had conversations with the children throughout the week about families, including who is in their family, what family means to them and what they like to do with their families.”

National Families Week is held each year between 15 – 21 May and is an opportunity to celebrate the important role that families play in the lives of children and the wider community.

“Families are the most important people in a child’s life – they are a child’s first and most significant teacher,” said Megan.

“When families are actively involved in their child’s education, research suggests that children are more likely to reach their full potential.”

“At KU Crusader, we strive to ensure that our families feel respected and valued, and events such as this enable staff to connect with families and gain insights into each family’s unique context.”

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