Posted July 2023

Last week Member for North Sydney Ms Kylea Tink MP celebrated Early Learning Matters Week by visiting KU Castlecrag Preschool, an early childhood service run by KU Children’s Services.

Ms Tink spent the morning touring the service, engaging with the children and educators, learning about the preschool’s focus on connecting with nature, and celebrating the importance of high-quality early childhood education and care.

“Thank you so much for having me, I had a terrific time meeting your wonderful educators and spending time with your delightful children,” Ms Tink said on social media.

Now in its sixth year, Early Learning Matters Week brings together early childhood educators, parents, carers and community leaders from around Australia to raise awareness and understanding of the importance of early learning and the difference the profession makes.

KU Children’s Services CEO Christine Legg said, “Early childhood education, led by passionate and highly skilled professionals, provides children with an opportunity to learn and thrive through a high-quality play-based environment, not only from the teachers and educators, but from their peers as well.”

“Elevating our collective voice during Early Learning Matters Week is crucial to influencing decision makers and shaping a discourse around the significance of early childhood education and care.”

Hundreds of participants from across the country have pledged their support to Early Learning Matters Week, engaging in a range of creative activities and events. The Early Learning Matters Week website is a treasure trove of resources for all to use, and you can join the week by following the hashtag #EarlyLearningMatters

KU Castlecrag Preschool provides high quality early childhood education and care for children aged 3 - 5 years and is currently taking enrolments. For more information, contact the Director Ainslie Quinn on 02 9958 5393, or visit the KU Castlecrag webpage on the KU website.