Posted May 2017

Over 50 KU staff recently had the privilege of attending the Early Childhood Australia Reconciliation Symposium 2017 on the Gold Coast, QLD. The theme of the symposium was ‘advancing reconciliation in early childhood education and care.'

The experience provided attendees with the opportunity to consider and reflect on their practices and beliefs in relation to reconciliation. Keynote speakers shared their knowledge, experiences and personal stories to stimulate thinking and feeling.

Questions asked included ‘what do we want for all children in 25 years?' and ‘how can this vision influence what we do today?' The symposium inspired decisive action now.

So, what can we do?

  • Just start
  • Make community connections by going out into the local community
  • Listen to the perspectives of others
  • Question your assumptions and thinking
  • Reflect and learn from your mistakes
  • Build on your successes

Reconciliation is a process that will take commitment, understanding, time and patience, with early childhood professionals having a significant role to play.

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