Posted June 2022

After the recent floods that devastated so much of the Lismore region, KU Shalvey Preschool saw there were calls asking for picture books to be donated to Lismore City Library as so many of their books had to be thrown out due to flood damage.

Library books are read every week at KU Shalvey and the preschool knows the importance of having access to high quality children’s literature and how valuable books are to support children’s learning, reading and appreciating.

The children at the preschool felt strongly about wanting to help where they could and so the educators decided to collect new copies of some of the children’s favourite picture books to donate to the library to support the replacement of their precious books that had been damaged.

KU Shalvey is incredibly thankful for the generosity of the families, staff and especially the children at the preschool for donating so many beautiful new picture books which will be such a welcome addition to Lismore City Library to ensure the children in Lismore will have lovely new books to read after such a devastating time.