Posted March 2015

Children, parents and educators at KU Auburn AMEP Children's Centre embraced different cultures in celebration of Harmony Day last week, by enjoying a variety of multicultural foods and dressing up in costumes from across the globe.

"Children showed an interest in learning about different nations and cultures through a number of activities organised by the educators, fostering their sense of acceptance for all traditions at our centres," said Ferdowshi Begum, KU Auburn AMEP Coordinator.

The children worked together to create a family tree made up of different coloured hand prints, eagerly listened on as one of the centre parents read stories and sung traditional Chinese songs and learnt how to make ‘Aloo Paratha', one of India's most popular breakfast dishes.

Parents, children and educators joined in with all of the face painting, dancing and singing activities. The day was a great success and such a fantastic, educational and enjoyablecelebration!" said Ms Begum.