Posted May 2019

Whilst most people are familiar with KU’s mainstream preschool and childcare services, many may not realise that in 2018 KU delivered more than $48m in social impact and inclusion programs, many of which are supported by Government funding, grants and co-contributions from families.

KU’s own investment in social impact programs rose substantially from $1.5m in the prior year, to more than $1.75 in 2018. This supported critical projects such as the continued operation of centres in areas of significant social disadvantage. Without KU’s investment, these services would simply not be viable to operate, leaving the most vulnerable children without access to high quality early education.

As KU grows, so does our appetite and capacity for increasing our social impact. One of the greatest opportunities to increase KU’s ability to deliver better outcomes for our most vulnerable children and families, lies in the KU Marcia Burgess Foundation.