Posted December 2018

With construction taking place opposite KU Lance Children's Centre at Barangaroo, the educators at the centre have decided to incorporate discussions and activities relating to the nearby construction within their program.

Hannah, a civil engineer working on the Sydney Metro construction project at Barangaroo Station, visited the centre recently and answered the children’s questions about the machines on site, the machines she uses, her uniform and how she became an engineer.

“The children enjoyed listening to Hannah and learning all about the Sydney Metro project. The girls in particular were very excited to see a female who was an engineer and they were very keen to dress up just like Hannah,” said KU Lance Director, Donna Morley.

“The children have enjoyed learning and engaging with projects relating to the nearby construction and they have been particularly fascinated by the boring machine that will drill the tunnel under the harbour.”

“When Hannah visited, she was very impressed that the children already knew about the cranes, augers and excavators on the site and were able to label and discuss these with her in detail. She also loved the buildings the children constructed in the block corner and the clay model machines that were on display in our hallway. We may have some future engineers in our group,” said Donna.