Posted September 2020, updated March 2022

In response to the challenges associated with COVID-19, the KU Sector Capacity Building team have developed some social stories to help children and families to navigate the current stressful and unusual circumstances.

The social stories relate to issues that have impacted children’s sense of emotional security and wellbeing, such as feeling worried or scared, needing to stay home and engage in social distancing, as well as managing the increased emphasis on hygiene measures such as handwashing, using hand sanitiser and wearing face masks.

What are social stories?

Social stories are simple narratives originally designed to support children with social and communication difficulties to understand social situations. They provide descriptions about what children may experience, how people around them may be behaving, as well as useful actions children can take. Social stories can help all children to understand social situations and feel more confident in their own responses. For more information about social stories visit

When shared within the context of wider supportive conversations with all children, these stories can provide scaffolding to increase understanding and support processing of the complex changes being experienced.

Download the social stories here:

When I Feel Worried or Scared

Staying Healthy

Staying Home

Sometimes People Wear Face Masks

Having a COVID Test

Having a Vaccination